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What does Sinal do Vale do?


We focus our work on three areas:

We offer hospitality services to groups that want to retreat and have an immersive experience.

We receive groups of students for learning journeys that are experiential, based in our ongoing projects and field visits to other relevant initiatives.

We develop projects of social and environmental positive impact -focused on reforestation, organic agriculture and resilient infrastructure- in the Baixada Fluminense, the buffer zone between Rio de Janeiro and the Atlantic Rainforest.


Who founded SINAL?


Our founder and director is Thais Corral, a social entrepreneur with 35 years of experience in the fields of environmentalism and women empowerment. She founded REDEH (Human Development Network), co-founded WEDO (Women, Environment and Development Network) alongside U.S. Representative Bella Abzug and nobel peace prize Wangari Maathai, and CEMINA (Communication, Education, Information and Adaptation), all in the areas of environmentalism and female empowerment.



Added Services


What kind of services can be added?


We can arrange transportation to and from the international airport and downtown Rio.

We can organize site visits to our partner initiatives, such as the Museum of Tomorrow. 

We can facilitate mindfulness exercises, such as sound massage, active listening and guided meditations, and workshops based on our ongoing social and environmental projects.

We can bring groups on hikes on one of our many nature trails.

We can organize a tree-planting for guests as part of their experience at SINAL. 


What kind of workshops do you offer?


We can design a workshop according to your schedule and interests, on topics including:

- Organic agriculture and agroforestry

- Regenerative Cuisine

- Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga 

- Bamboo crafts

- Mosaic





What is your maximum capacity?


We can accommodate a maximum of 50 people in our houses. Please feel free to contact us at to discuss how we can best host your party.


Do you host 1-day events? 


Yes, we do! Contact us at to build your experience.



What services do you take care of?

We offer accommodation and food and co-create a learning journey based our ongoing environmental and social projects. The program can be incorporated into an existing class curriculum. We arrange site visits to relevant projects in the Rio de Janeiro and Baixada Fluminense (periphery Rio) areas, as well as bring experts to speak to students on a range of topics around sustainability (social entrepreneurship, reforestation, agriculture, global leadership, etc.) Past visits include the Museum of Tomorrow, Afroreggae, Samba City, Favela Experience Project and Gastromotiva in Rio, and Onda Verde and AVICRES in the Baixada Fluminense.


How can I come to SINAL individually?

Go to our biohub activities page to find out about ways to participate. 




How can I donate to SINAL?


We have a Global Giving page where we accept donations! Your help goes directly into our reforestation efforts, community events and caring for our animals. 





Added Services
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